HIV Testing

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Health Initiatives offers free HIV testing to students, faculty, and staff throughout the semester. These testing events are not only about getting physically tested, but creating a space for conversation around healthy relationships, safer sex, and the importance of making testing a part of your regular health care routine. Be a role model and active participant in reducing the stigma around testing. We should all be doing it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get tested?

Getting tested is important if you respect yourself and your partners. Getting tested helps you to have open, honest, and accurate conversations with sexual partners, which can deepen your relationship and intimacy. 

How does getting tested contribute to a healthy relationship? 

Open and honest communication and mutual respect are important aspects of healthy relationships. Getting tested together facilitates dialogue and builds trust between you and your partner. Taking the steps to address healthy sexual decision making together shows that you value your health and your partner's health.

What does the HIV test involve?


The rapid HIV test involves a quick finger prick to get a blood sample and that is it! Results will be ready in just a few minutes.

How long will it take to get tested?


It will take approximately 5 minutes to take the test and receive your results.

Will the test be confidential?


Yes, all testing is confidential. AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s certified HIV testing counselors provide free, confidential testing. Georgia Tech will not receive any information regarding your status.