Transit Financial Wellness

This course is designed to provide college students with the skills to understand their finances and successfully transition in and out of the college experience. With a highly personalized, self-paced, interactive experience, users learn key financial decision-making skills and apply their learning in real-life scenarios. The course focuses on three main topics: school expenses, personal expenses, and career/post-graduation decisions. 

The key information in this training includes: 

  • Understanding and managing financial aid
  • Comprehending spending, banking, and credit decisions
  • Managing school expenses and avoiding unnecessary debt
  • Setting long-term savings goals
  • Understanding credit scores, mortgages, and investing
  • Managing a budget and differentiating “needs” from “wants”
  • Student loan repayment options and responsibilities


Interested in completing the course? Students can complete the course at any time and at any pace. Use your email address to register. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Transit Financial Wellness a required course?

No, Transit Financial Wellness is an optional course provided to the Georgia Tech student body. Students who are interested in learning more about finance and the skills they need to be financially stable now and after college are encouraged to take the course.

How long will it take to complete the Transit course?

Part 1 of the course takes approximately one hour to complete, while Part 2 takes approximately 10 minutes (follow up survey).

Why would it be helpful to take the Transit Course?

Dealing with personal finances can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for college students who are just beginning to manage money on their own. Having an understanding and sense of control over your finances will help relieve stress and set you up for success after graduation.