Victim-Survivor Support


A message regarding COVID-19 and VOICE: 

Dear Georgia Tech Community,

As Georgia Tech takes measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, VOICE wants to remind you that we are here for you 24/7. Whether you are on or off campus, VOICE will continue providing confidential services to those impacted by sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and/or stalking.

Here is how to access VOICE: 

If you need immediate support call GTPD at 404-894-2500 and ask for the on-call VOICE Advocate. You do not need to make a police report and you only need to provide a phone number in order to reach an Advocate.

For non-urgent support, VOICE Advocates are available for phone, virtual, or face-to-face meetings and emergency accompaniments. To schedule an appointment, call Amanda Planchard at 404-385-4451 or Jennifer Gagen 404-385-4464. Leave a message and the Advocate will call you back promptly during business hours.

We’re here if you need us,

Jennifer Gagen and Amanda Planchard
VOICE Advocates
Health Initiatives



In this section, you can learn about steps you can take and resources available if you have experienced sexual violence, reporting options, and ways to support a friend who is a victim-survivor. Sexual violence is an umbrella term used to include sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

Survivor is a term used to describe those who have experienced sexual violence. Some individuals feel as though they are a victim and are still working through the trauma and shock of what happened to them. Others feel as though they have overcome or are working towards overcoming the trauma and shock of the violence, and therefore identify as survivors. Whether you identify as a victim, survivor or neither, know that there are resources and people to support you here at Georgia Tech.

VOICE provides resources and support for all Georgia Tech students who are victim-survivors of any form of sexual violence regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Please join VOICE as we recognize National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) this April. The goal of SAAM is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and educate communities on how to prevent it. We will work to encourage and inform a wider audience on how they can take action to promote safety, respect, and equality to stop sexual violence before it happens and to support survivors in the aftermath. 

Reporting Options

At Georgia Tech, we encourage all students to report sexual violence, but it is important to know that survivors are not required to report and can receive supportive services and information about their rights and accommodations without reporting. Assistance is available to help students determine the best reporting option. If you have additional questions about reporting options or would like more specific information prior to filing a report, please contact one of the VOICE Advocates in Health Initiatives by calling (404) 385-4464 or (404) 385-4451.

If a student wishes to report sexual violence, there are several options. Students can file a confidential report, by contacting any of the following offices:

  • Health Initiatives
  • Women’s Resource Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Women's Health or any other clinician in Stamps Health Services

To file a report for a violation of the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy, contact the Title IX Coordinator

To file a criminal report, contact the Georgia Tech Police Department.

For more information about definitions of sexual violence and reporting procedures, you can also refer to the Georgia Tech Student Sexual Misconduct Policy and review Victim-Survivor Rights and Options Review Victim- Survivor Rights and Options.


Information for Faculty & Staff

Confidential Reporting Form (CRF)

Confidential Reporting Form (CRF)

 Please contact the VOICE Advocates in Health Initiatitives for questions or concerns related to reporting requirements.

Sexual Violence Prevention Alliance (SVPA)

We are always welcoming new faculty and staff to the SVPA. For more information about this committee and how to join, contact SGA.

Learn more about the SVPA

Meetings typically take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 10am. 

Title IX Resources for Faculty & Staff

Check out this resource guide for Georgia Tech Faculty & Staff. If a student has experienced sexual violence, they can utilize this resource guide.

Trainings and Opportunities

If you would like to request a VOICE staff-led sexual violence prevention and response training or program for your class, department, or an organization that you advise, click here to find out more

Georgia Tech Human Resources offers a facilitator-led course, Reporting and Responding to Sexual Misconduct, that engages participants to learn about and understand their role as responsible employees in addressing and reporting sexual misconduct. The course covers relevant procedures and resources to help prepare staff and faculty with how to effectively respond when they become aware of an incident at Georgia Tech. Participants will be given opportunities to practice learned skills by using case-study scenarios and through active discussion. Learn more.